Paysage Particulier

selected worksi

I started photographing while living among farmers in a small French village. I became their village photographer for about seven years and my ‘hunting ground’ was no bigger than the five farmhouses and their surroundings.
Every day I made my rounds in the village, camera at hand, making photographs, walking about and chit-chatting with the farmers. I was given an old Yashica Mat 124G to work with, my first-ever camera, and I simply loved the square format. I still do.

My life in the countryside was a secluded and simple one. Reading books and writing letters, the daily chore of chopping wood for the stoves, the wild walks with the dogs in the woods: it all made me inexpressibly happy. Those years have shaped me in many ways, much more than I realized at the time. And the resulting series, Paysage Particulier, became the blueprint for my photography. Since then, I like to really take my time, wander about, immerse myself in a place, a subject, a country.