Utrecht, Nederland, © Jan Banning, 2008. Rosa Verhoeve

(c) Jan Banning

Rosa Verhoeve lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
She graduated in Sculpture/Autonomous Works from the Rietveld Art Academy, Amsterdam. After her graduation, while living in a rural community in France for seven years, she discovered the powerful tool of the camera. She became the villagers’ visual storyteller and has been photographing ever since.

Rosa has travelled and photographed in Europe, Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan) and Asia.
In 2006 she was awarded one of the prestigious Zilveren Camera awards for her series “Salto Vitale”, about Ethiopian youth circuses. In 2009, Christian Caujolle (Agence VU) selected her series TB+, about a MSF tuberculosis field clinic in Sudan, for the international exhibition Stop TB now.
These past years she has been working on a long-term personal photo project called Kopi Susu, about her mixed origins (she’s partly Dutch, partly Indonesian).

While on the road, Rosa taught photography to young photojournalists and photography students in Kenya, Ethiopia and Indonesia. Currently she is teaching documentary photography and art history at the Dutch Fotovakschool. And with her one-to-one mentorship and storytelling masterclasses,
she also provides in-depth, personal guidance to aspiring professional photographers.