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The project 1001days (2017-) consists of written texts, images and ultra-short videos (made with an iPhone), in which I’m expressing my thoughts and feelings about my impending death. Eventually, we all die. For most of us, death is something we face in a distant future. For some, death is nearer. I’m one of them: since September 2016, I have been diagnosed with colon cancer which has metastasized. Chances are high that I will not become very old.

In the famous tales of The One Thousand and One Nights, every night the abducted Scheherazade tells her kidnapper King Shahryār a gripping tale, but does not finish it. The king, curious about how the story ends, is thus forced to postpone her looming execution in order to hear the conclusion. So it goes on for 1001 nights. Eventually, they marry and live happily ever after. With my project 1001days, I’m symbolically winning more time with each new post that I will publish on these pages.